Welcome, Babe!

Ready to make a conscious shift from being frozen, overwhelmed, anxiety-ridden, and barely breathing to being empowered and grounded at the center of your life?


Join Me For Quarantine Queen

And get the support and inspo you need to get out of survival mode, and re-claim your empowerment with yourself, your life, your passions, and your goals...on your terms.

Quarantine Queen

is a 5-week health empowerment program that will help you reduce stress, anxiety, and overwhelm, re-claim your long term strength and clarity, and build strong immunity for resilient health over a lifetime.

Through soulful support, inspired insight, and prosperity-oriented growth strategies, we're going to build, nourish and strengthen your relationship to your authentic life-force so you get more acquainted with a stronger, more passionate and resilient side of yourself.

In this program I'm going to help you:

*Repair your nervous system

*Reduce stress & anxiety

*Feel calm and more in-control

*Learn about food as medicine
{and easy ways to have great food in your home}

*Strengthen your immune system

*Get your mental clarity back

*Improve communication and relationships


*Get back in touch with your creativity
{which is really just an expression of a healthy Soul}

Essentials Of Health Empowerment

 Program Elements & Highlights

Quarantine Queen-11

Week 1:  Relinquishing The Struggle & Confusion For Good

Clarifying what's not working + making a better plan.

Week 2: Infinite Immunity & Luscious Life Force

Strong immunity comes from nourishing your life force. Everything is available to you to create the potent exuberance that belongs only to you and your true expression of all things vibrant and resilient.

Quarantine Queen-07
Quarantine Queen

Week 4: Vibrant Kitchen, Vibrant Health

Cooking demo with AJ and her magic kitchen! You'll learn how to create simple, amazing, and nutritive dishes that nourish mind, body, and soul.

Week 4: Relationships & Setting Healthy Boundaries

Rule #1 of Quarantine Queening: Build up your own assets first.

Rule #2 of Quarantine Queening: Don't give them away unless you have extra and it's a fair exchange.

Quarantine Queen-02
Quarantine Queen-04

Week 5: Creative Energy & Boundless Expression

As we clear out the mental and energetic clutter you've been contending with, your energy and clarity will increase exponentially. The drive for creative expression will return, and we'll discuss outlets and inspo for moving forward with radiance and your unique voice.


2 payments of $425

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