Inclusive & Supportive


At Flourish it's always been different, and that's what my clients value the most.

Above all, I value humanity.

I started Flourish committed to the idea that your healthcare visits should help you feel better every single time. I was disenchanted with the lack of quality in care that I and my family had received over time, and I knew things could be better.

So I made it that way!

It's my goal to work with everyone from a place as free from bias as possible. I support recovery, I support humanness, and your real story is welcome here.

I work with physical, functional and emotional health issues on all levels. In addition to the things you would visit an MD for, I also work with the effects of trauma, physical and emotional abuse, oppression, abandonment, alcoholism and addiction in families, 

*This is a safe place.

*I'm going to listen to you.

*I want to know what YOU think is important about your health trajectory.

*Your story matters.

*I believe you.

*I believe in you.

*I'm going to help you recover safely, gently, and completely.

*I'm here for you.

*I'm invested in your success.

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