Top 10 Ways To Build Lasting Immunity

Strong immunity is a foundational core value at Flourish, and an underlying principle in Chinese medical philosophy. Whether you are currently in a health crisis, at the end of your rope with trying to find the right support, or you’re ready to feel more like yourself again, I’m here to help you get better, starting NOW.

My approach prioritizes helping your body heal, recover, resist, and thrive. Period. And as long as you are under my watch, you will grow and improve over time. Feeling good will become your norm, and you will naturally start resisting illness–and recovering faster when you do get sick.

1. Regular Acupuncture Treatments
Nourish your body, get stronger, check in, get regular support, be more dynamic.

2. Nourishing Botanicals
I customize botanicals for your specific constitution. Heal smarter, heal better, heal faster.

3. Breathwork
Directed breathing exercises have been around for centuries in many cultures, particularly martial arts and yoga. These build up the Lung Qi, which is a foundational part of immune resistance and vitality.

4. Vitamin C
2000-6000 Mg/day, depending on your immune strength. If you are already taking a multi-vitamin, you should still supplement more C on the side, especially if you are immune compromised.

5. Eat Hot Food
Cold foods, like salads, juice, smoothies and iced drinks deplete the digestive fire, which leads to low energy and low immunity. Eat more warm/hot food to give your body more strength and healthy fire.


Since working with AJ, I feel so much more knowledgeable and in control of my health ~Zoe

6. Cook More At Home
Most food at restaurants centers around starch and meat, but they forgot the veggies! Cooking more at home ensures you get higher quality food, healthier fats + oils, portion control, and a better veggie to starch/meat ratio.

7. Make Bone Broth & Homemade Soups
Bone broth is 1000% the best food on the planet. It’s full of nutrients and minerals, collagen and flavor. It’s also super easy to make at home, and it’s a great idea to add to your diet to get strong and stay resilient. Get my easy recipe here:

8. Sleep More
One thing I notice in our culture is that rest is SO underrated. Many of us need more than we are getting, but it’s common to feel guilty about it. Stop that!! I know you have responsibilities and stuff, but fatigue is a real thing, and continuing to push all the time takes a long term toll on your body, mind and aging process. Give yourself permission to sleep more. 


After so much struggle, this work has helped me get back to the person the universe intended me to be. ~Melissa

9. Worry Less
Worrying never makes anything better. Never. Interestingly, worry is the emotion most related to digestive dysfunction, so you might notice that you worry more when you aren’t taking care of yourself as well. Check in with this list again, and make sure you’re giving your health enough attention. Worry and anxiety will settle down when you put your attention where it matters most.

10. Less Electronics
What activities are you currently participating in that do not include electronics, like your computer, phone, or tv? Get back to paper books sometimes, craft projects, cooking, playing music, sports, walking the dog, hanging with your kids, playing games, etc. We’re all so tied to these machines, we rarely see how much they are dominating us and feeding anxiety, stress and worry. Break that habit, Babe.


11. Restorative Practices Like Yoga, Meditation, And Going For Walks

Slow down. Breathe more. Feel more. All of these things reduce anxiety and soothe the nervous system.

12. More Love
Actively participating in loving words and actions creates one of the best habits you could hope for. Share more of your sweetness, love, warmth and presence not only with those around you, but with yourself on a regular basis. Your heart thrives with genuine loving exchange.

Let me help you understand your health better, so you can overcome your current challenges and get back to living a life that brings you joy, connection and vibrance.

I offer online video consults, with customized strategy that will work better for you, and the difficult health issues you’ve been dealing with. I offer recovery plans that consist of compassionate and effective understanding, plus health building tools that will help you recover better and faster.


Hi. I’m Amy Jo. I am your best ally and advocate for feeling better, living better, and feeling more in control of your health now, and I’m ready to help you take the right steps forward.

I know you’re tired of feeling bad, and tired of getting more of the same terrible answers. It’s time to hear some good news, and learn how to take control of your health again.

I’m a digestive health and IBD specialist, intuitive healer, licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, restorative diet expert and owner of Flourish Eternal. I create customized health plans to help you recover from all of the difficult symptoms related to Anxiety, IBS, Crohn’s, Colitis and Chronic Illness.

I’m ready to hear your story, and help you change it.

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