Your breath is your closest connection to your highest inspiration, greatest insight, and capability to transform your life.

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The right changes don't have to take a long time or feel difficult.

You'll be surprised how simple Breathwork is, yet how profound your insights and freedom will be. You ready, Babe?

Breathwork is an active breathing meditation that helps you transform physically, energetically, emotionally, and consciously. Breathwork will help you feel supported and clear when you are ready to incite positive change in your life that really matters. It helps to move stuck energy out of your path, so you gain access to more clarity, confidence, and a stronger sense of yourself.

Heal, grow, recover + thrive with amazing support.

The reason people suffer so long with pain, fear and inability to move forward is because it's so hard to be vulnerable when you're hurting or traumatized.

So many of us try to hold it all ourselves, because there doesn't seem to be another option, but when you have trusted support, it feels natural to take these steps and the best part is that they don't require any more suffering.

My groups are founded on trust, safety, sweetness and joy. You can bring your whole self to the table here. There's always room for more sweet souls.

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