I want you to know…

that there’s hope for the awful things.

IBS & Digestive Issues

IBD {Crohn’s & Colitis}

Pandemic Fatigue Symptoms

Anxiety & Emotional Exhaustion

Nervous System Recovery

Chronic Health Conditions

Trauma Healing

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I specialize in helping people with invisible illnesses feel better without taking more medication.

Allow me to end the never-ending loop of disappointing medical visits, because working with me is not at all like seeing a doctor, yet the results are much better than you've gotten before.

If you’ve ever been ignored, dismissed, reduced, over-medicated and under-healed, then I’m so glad you finally found me.

At Flourish, I support your WHOLE self with 1-on-1 care that includes Expert Guidance, Your Customized Health Plan, Recipes and Cooking Instruction, Food As Medicine, and Video Support between visits to get you back to living your most VIBRANT life.

It really doesn’t need to take long to see the results you hope for.

I’m talking —

a matter of weeks, and in some cases, days

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Sign Up To Work With Me

Sign up here to get started. Once you make this commitment to your best self, the wheels are in motion and you are on your way to a more elevated, vibrant, and luminous YOU!


Show Up & Receive

At Flourish, you're going to have a much better healthcare experience than you've ever had before. We'll start by discussing all the details and getting to the root of the issue so we can redirect your energy where you will function more efficiently and joyfully.


Revitalize, Recover, RADIATE.

Even though you’ll feel a difference after just one session, this program will guide you to take massive steps forward that make all the difference. We'll create YOUR personal blueprint for vitality that works for your unique needs – and most importantly, for healing that lasts.

Hey Babe

Let me help you
reclaim your health.

I’m Amy Jo Accardi, your Vibrant Life Stylist and the founder of Flourish Eternal. I'm a licensed acupuncturist, restorative diet specialist, Chinese herbalist, instructor, health guide and breathwork facilitator with over 15 years of experience, and I'm excited to help you reclaim your health & VIBRANCE on your own terms.

“It feels so amazing here. I can’t imagine getting
this type of care anywhere else.”

- Zoe

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All The Gluten-Free Love!

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I promise to always care about your health as much as you do. That’s why my approach to healing extends beyond your physical symptoms.

Every session with AJ includes a touch of magic and a heaping dose of, “You’re AMAZING, and here are all the reasons why.”

That’s because your inherent awesomeness plays just as important a role in optimizing your health as roasted veggies and a grass-fed steak.


Amy Jo

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